Hands on

Daily stuff to see!

Please note, times are approximate due to the farmers heavy work loads but they endeavour to deliver on these times!

  • Maplewood Farm is the home to approximately 200 domestic farm animals and birds so there is always lots to see.
  • Feed the chickens and ducks – birdseed is available for sale on the farm for $3.00 a bag. While supplies lasts
  • Feed the bunnies – bring your own fresh fruits and veggies (See list below)
  • Around 3:30 pm each day the farmers round up our animals as they go from their paddocks back into the barn for the night.


Bunny Food Suggestions

Alfalfa, radish & clover sprouts
Beet greens (tops)
Bok choy
Brussels sprouts
Carrot & carrot tops
Collard greens
Dandelion greens (no pesticides)
Green peppers
Mustard greens
Pea pods (the flat edible kind)
Peppermint leaves
Radish tops
Raspberry leaves
Romaine lettuce