I was born in 2001 and spent the early part of my life in Washington State giving pony rides and doing kids camps. I belonged to a lovely family in Maple Ridge before moving to the farm in 2015. I love giving rides to kids and most of all, eating my hay.


American Quarter Horse

I was born May 19th 2004 in Prince George. I spent my early years being a trail horse in the Fraser Valley. I moved to the farm in the summer of 2013, and Tom fell in love with me instantly. The farmers love to brush me, braid my hair and make me look beautiful, but… Read more »


Belgian Draft Horse

I was born July 1997 in Clearwater, BC.  Me and my little brother, Prince, came to live at the farm in June 2006.  I admit Prince has got a prettier face than me but I can grow a mane like you have never seen.


Icelandic Horse

I was born in 1999 on a beautiful ranch in Enderby, BC and I am a newer addition to the Farm, arriving here on May 23, 2010. I am no relation to the handsome Belgian, Tom but I do share their good looks just the same! I am 13.2 hands high which translates to about 54″ at… Read more »


Shetland Pony

I was born July 13, 1973 and have lived on the Farm since March 13, 1983 when I moved here from Bowen Island.  I have lead a charmed life really, many years ago I used to do some pony rides on the Farm but I am retired now and spend most of my time making… Read more »


Shetland Pony

I was born in 1997 and have lived on the Farm since May 6, 2002.  I used to live on Gabriola Island but I really don’t miss the old homestead because I like seeing lots of children and Sally and Mini are pretty nice stable mates too.