Pony Rides


Fully booked for April & May

On weekends only you can rent one attendant and one pony for one hour.

The farm offers pre-booked pony rides for children ages 3-12, perfect for Birthday Parties and Party Packages. You can rent one attendant and one pony for one hour.

During the one hour time slot, 8 children can be accommodated, however some folks choose to use this service for only 1 or 2 children. The choice is yours, that’s why we call it the “custom” pony rides! Custom Pony rides are available weekends only from the beginning of March to the end of October.  The Farm reserves the right to limit days of availability when necessary.  Included in the one hour is a mandatory safety orientation for both riders and parents or guardians. Rides can be cancelled for any reason up to and including the day of the ride.

For the safety of all rides, children participating in pony rides must be of similar height and weight to ensure the appropriate saddle fits everyone correctly.


1 HOUR ($117.76)


11 am   to   12 pm


2:00 pm  to   3:00 pm

One Hour Ride Up to 8 Kids  $117.76 + (GST)          $123.65

Admission not included in these prices.

All waivers must be completed before we can accept payment. You may pay over the phone with American Express, Visa or Mastercard or in person at the Visitor Centre.

Email info@maplewoodfarm.bc.ca or call 604-929-5610 to book today!

Maplewood Farm Pony Ride Rules

  • Thoroughly washing your hands after coming in contact with all animals on the Farm is required to prevent the risk of disease such as E. Coli.
  • All farm rules apply.
  • Supervision: Minimum 1 adult parent/legal guardian of 19 years or older must be present at all times to supervise their participating child/children. Must be physically capable of assisting/ lifting children up and down for mounting and dismounting. Farmers will not lift children.
  • Age Restriction: Children from ages 3 to 12 years old.
  • Weight: Maximum allowed weight on a pony is 100 pounds. Participants will be weighed prior to riding.
  • Assumption of Risk and Permission Form: Completed and signed form by parent or legal guardian is required before a child can participate in a pony ride.


  • Footwear: closed-toe shoes must be worn. Open-toe shoes and flip flops are not allowed.
  • Helmet: Certified horse-riding helmet is mandatory and will be provided by the Farm. Bringing your own helmet not allowed. Helmets are routinely inspected and cleaned.
  • Pants: Long comfortable pants are recommended as the saddle can get warm in summer months and to prevent scrapes, rubs or skin irritation.
  • Sunscreen: Recommended to prevent sunburn.
  • Weather: Rides are conducted rain or shine, but if inclement weather such as wind, rain, below freezing temperatures occurs the ride may be cancelled at the Farmers discretion for the safety of the animals and the riders.


  • Booking and Payment: All rides must be pre-booked in advance to allow for adequate staffing. Payment can only be made on day of pony ride once all rider’s waivers are signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Booking Time Slot: 1-hour time slot must be booked. Maximum 8 children are allowed in a 1-hour time slot.
  • Safety Orientation: Each child riding and/or following the pony must participate in a 5–8 minute mandatory safety orientation at the start of their pre-booked time slot.
  • Cancellation of booking by the Farm: The Farm reserves the right to cancel a pre-booked/pre-paid pony ride without advance notice of cancellation or any reason in Farm’s sole discretion.
  • Cancellation of current ride : Farm reserves the right to cancel any pony ride at their discretion, if the safety of the horse, farmer, children or public is of any concern.
  • All riders must be present for and agree to adhere to safety orientation before pony ride can begin. Please arrive five minutes early to ensure your time slot can begin on time and you’re prepared for orientation to begin. Agreed upon time slots cannot be moved due to late comers.

*ride time not extended due to late comers.