LaMancha Dairy Goat

I was born on the Farm in the spring of 2004 and am part of an unusual breed of dairy goats called LaMancha.  There are all kinds of crazy stories floating about as to why my ears are so short, some folks think that I just don’t have ears, of course I do, they are… Read more »


LaMancha Dairy Goat

I was born May 26, 2006 on the Farm, my mom is Caramel.  You can probably see the family resemblance, ears and all.  I am a fairly impish and direct kind of character, sometimes I like to chew on visitor’s sleeves.


Alpine Dairy Goat

I was born on the Farm.  I belong to the goat breeds called “Swiss”.  All Swiss type goats have ears that are similar to mine, they are called erect ears.  My ancestors are from the high mountain regions of Europe originally.  When the Jersey cow is pregnant and taking a break from being the star… Read more »