Farm Rules


Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by a responsible caretaker who is actively watching them.

  • Young children should always be in arms length of an adult. Adults should always be paying attention to what the children are doing.

No running or loud noises.

  • It can startle our animals.

No pets allowed on the farm.

  • Certified guide dogs accepted. No exceptions.

Pet all animals on their back or top of head. Not on their faces.

  • Fingers near animals mouths can encourage biting.

Do not pick up animals.

  • The animals don’t like it and you will hurt yourself trying.

Do not chase our animals – especially the ducks, chickens, and peacocks.

  • They don’t like it and it will make them stressed.

Remember to wash your hands and do not eat in the animal pens.

  • The Vancouver Health Authority Advise animals are capable of harbouring E. Coli (aka hamburger disease) as well as other communicable diseases. Please wash your hands thoroughly after touching any animal or surface before eating.

No smoking or alcohol (including e-cigarettes and vapes).

  • It is disruptive to the animals and other visitors.

No swimming or wading in any of the water areas.

  • The water is very gross.

Obey feeding signs – you can bring fruits and veggies for the rabbits only, and we sell bird seed in the Visitor Center for our birds. All other animals are only fed by the Farmers.

  • They are on special diets so feeding them can make them very sick.

Please respect the property by not climbing on fences or trees, and not picking flowers.

  • The farm provides a safe playground at the south end of the parking lot.

The Visitor Center is a store not a playroom.

  • You break it you buy it.
  • The cashier is not a babysitter. Watch your kids.

Please note that our animal’s wellbeing comes before the general public’s “wants” and “needs”. Anyone disrespecting these rules may be asked to leave.

We hope you enjoy your visit!