Hours & Prices

Maplewood Farm is open all year-round!

We now have summer hours! During June through August we will be open earlier on Fridays, Weekends and Stat Holidays!

Months Days Times
January & December Tuesday-Sunday (6 days a week) 10:00am-4:00pm
February-May & September-November Monday-Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm
June-August Monday-Thursday

Friday-Sunday & Stats



Maplewood farm now offers online tickets, walk-ins always welcome.

Prices (includes tax)

Adults 17 – 54 years
Children 19 mths – 16 years
sleeping or awake
$ 5.55
Children 18 month & under
Seniors 55 years & up
Yearly family membership

Special event admission rates are as follows:
$11.15 per adult
$7.30 per child
Maplewood Farm accepts Visa, MasterCard, Interac, Amex, jbc and cheque.

What if it rains?

We all know it seldom rains in North Vancouver. When it does Maplewood is open and Fun. We have umbrellas to lend and the pathways drain fairly well (wear boots anyway) and there is always the Greenhouse, Rabbitat, Livestock Barn and Picnic Shelter to hide out in. When it rains, the Goats can be found in Hill Paddock out behind the barn under a shed roof. Don’t forget, it’s dry inside the Gift Shop, too!
Come on in and enjoy farming in the rain!

Important information for parents about Maplewood Farm

The Farm offers a unique field trip opportunity for all sorts of people who love animals and want to learn more about them. Thousands of people from Pre-Schools, Day Care Centres and Elementary Schools have found a trip to Maplewood Farm to be both fun and rewarding. Remember though that the Farm is also a working farm, complete with the miracle of new life and the potential hazards of large animals and working equipment.

In order to maintain the good health of you and your children, it is most important to be washing hands with soap and water frequently. The Farm provides excellent hand washing facilities. Monitor child behaviour and be sure hands are kept away from their faces and mouths.