In the early 1900’s Mr. Akiyo Kogo first discovered this idyllic little spot nestled at the foot of Mount Seymour on the banks of the Seymour River. He could not have known then that this land would be the last remaining farm on Vancouver’s North Shore.

During the twenties, the farm developed into a thriving dairy, delivering fresh milk and cream to customers from Deep Cove to Lonsdale for almost three decades.

By 1970, agriculture had all but disappeared from North Vancouver but luckily the farm land came under the protection of the District Parks Department, being preserved for future generations to enjoy a truly rural experience in our ever expanding urban area.

Officially opened to the public in 1975, and now home to over 200 domestic animals and birds, Maplewood Farm strives to provide a unique experience, incorporating enjoyment, education and a recollection of the rural heritage of this pastoral 5 acre setting.