Maplewood Farm offers a unique educational and enjoyable field trip opportunity for animal lovers of all ages, showcasing friendly, domestic farm animals.

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Photo by Kenny Louie


Large Groups: Please enter through the wooden “Exit” gate and not through the Visitor Centre/Gift Shop area. Students must be accompanied when in the gift shop.

Visiting Tips: Upon arrival, the person in charge of the group should check in at the Visitor Centre while the group remains outside.

Admission Fees: Payments can be made by cash, cheque, debit or credit card, and are due upon arrival. We do not invoice.

Adults/Teachers (17-54yrs): $9.90
Children (19mos-16yrs): $5.85
Seniors (55yrs+): $5.90
*taxes included/subject to change

Please remind children not to pick up, chase, or yell at any animals on the Farm, as this will not be tolerated. No running, climbing, or wading.

All groups will get a mandatory 5-10 minute safety and information orientation for groups of 15 or more.

Reservations: Telephone reservations accepted from 10:00am – 4:00pm or fill out our online form for groups of 15-100 people. Please note that we prefer a student-teacher supervision ratio of 6:1 for elementary school visitors (K-7). There are various time slots throughout the day.

Photo by Janeen Horne

Self-Guided Visits: The Farm offers a booklet of information on the various birds and animals that call Maplewood Farm their home, along with an information guide for teachers. (Download and print the Guide to Maplewood Farm – 7.5MB pdf). This booklet also includes rules of the farm and tips to help you plan your visit in advance of your arrival.

Farm Tour OptionsFor groups of 30 or less you can add a 30-minute educational tour to your booking for $31.20 including tax. Must book when reserving your group, availability may vary. We also offer unique specialized tours, including the following options: Sheep Shenanigans: Up close and ewe-nique encounter with our sheep flock, detailing sheep care and the wool industry and Eggcellent Eggventure: Get cracking with our poultry and egg washing demo tour. Please specify your preferred tour when making your booking.

Farm Life: This facility enables children to see where their dairy and egg products come from first-hand. Since 1975, thousands of people from pre-schools, daycare centres, and elementary schools have found a trip to the farm to be fun, educational, and rewarding.

Rabbitat: A highlight of the tour, Rabbitat is where kids can interact with our Rabbits and our Guinea Pigs. Rabbitat is sheltered, and a great place to visit on rainy days. Rabbits can be fed fresh fruit and vegetables that visitors must bring. We suggest dark green vegetables such as kale, spinach, and parsley.

Feeding: The only animals the public can feed are our rabbits, guinea pigs, and birds. Birds include any feathered creature (chickens, ducks, geese, etc.). Birdseed is available for $3.00 per bag at the Visitor Centre (while supplies lasts). Suggest to students to bring $3.00 on the day of their visit. Another popular visiting area, Goathill, is where folks can interact with our pygmy goats and goat kids.

Photo by Janeen Horne

Picnic Shelter: For no extra charge, a 1500sqft covered eating area is the perfect place to break for a snack or lunch and is furnished with lots of picnic tables. This area makes a great meeting point for groups. Lunches and backpacks can be left there while visiting the rest of the farm. Just make sure they are secured from crows and squirrels.

Wash-up Facilities: For the health and safety of all visitors, Maplewood Farm provides excellent hand washing facilities, including a stainless steel washing station with foot-operated tap controls. This is located on the North end of the Storage Barn around the animal visiting area. We strongly recommend washing hands after handling any animals or surfaces, and before eating or drinking. All public access sinks on site have warm water, anti-bacterial soap, and paper towels. Additional hand washing sinks are located in our newly-renovated washroom facility.

Other: Instruct children to stay with the group so they don’t get lost. Please instruct children to report to the Visitor Centre if they are lost or separated from the group. Teachers and supervisors are expected to remain with their students at all times. Teachers are welcome to preview the Farm before a school tour at no cost by presenting proof of teaching status. First time visits only please. Not valid on day of field trip booking. The Farm is a demonstration farm complete with the miracle of new life and the potential hazards of large animals and working equipment—please have a safe visit.

Function Room: This new space can be rented (subject to availability) for $37.12/hr as a classroom space, warming area, snack or lunch area, etc. This is a private room that must be booked. Capacity: 50.

Parking: The parking lot is small, free, and frequently congested. We suggest that busses park on the street and the students walk the few steps to the entrance from there. Additional parking is available on Seymour River Place and Old Dollarton Road.

Photo by Carling Ritchie