Grizzly and the calf

Hey there everyone, It’s that time of year again, the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring; here at Maplewood Farm, that means baby animals, baby animals and more baby animals! Yaaaaaaaay! If you’ve had the opportunity to come to the farm in the past 3 weeks, you have probably met some of our new… Read more »

Question of the Week!

Ovine, Bovine, Porcine, Equine – which group do calves belong to?

Here We Grow Again!

We are very busy making improvements at Maplewood Farm to better improve your visit. We have one more month of being closed on Mondays, giving us 3 more days to “Get ‘Er Done!” While the gates to the Farm are closed it is a flurry of work going on inside, building new fences, resurfacing paddocks,… Read more »

Hi y’all! So you can put some faces to the names, here are some of the Maplewood Farm staff that will be contributing to this blog space. Feel free to post any question, comments, feedback. We welcome and appreciate it all.                                                            Derek Palmer I fell off the turnip truck in 1983, very wet behind… Read more »