Muscovy ducks are one of the oldest domesticated species of fowl, native to both Central and South America but some feral populations can be found in North America. They are named after a Russian state that existed in the Late Middle Ages.


They are a very large breed of duck and have a distinct red ‘wattle’ around the bill. Males have colourful shimmery dark plumage, a vibrant red wattle and can weigh up to 15 lbs. Females are half the size of males and have a duller colouring.


Muscovy ducks live for about 8 years, but some can be as old as 15 years.


At Maplewood Farm, we feed our Muscovy ducks a mixture of cracked corn and whole wheat, supplemented with fresh worms and leafy greens (parsley, lettuce).


Most farms raise these ducks for food, but they are also used for pest removal (insects, plants, mice), as guard birds to protect the flock, and for companionship.

Male – Drake

Female – Duck/Hen

Young – Duckling