All the little noises

Working on a farm you get used to all the obvious noises you hear every day. It’s often very early in the morning  these noises occur. The crowing of the rooster starts at about 2 am, braying from our little donkey as we enter the farm , the screeching from the geese as we pass by the duck pond early in our feeding schedule, neighing from the horses when we open the barn doors and turn on the lights and mooing from the cows demanding they get their breakfast right this minute!
It’s the out of the ordinary noises that perk up your attention.  The cries from newly born animals can wake up a farmer pretty quick and get you hopping tending to their needs.  Hungry babies sure do make quite a racket!
Once a barn full of animals has had their breakfast it is truly amazing how quiet it can be.  All that is heard is the quiet munching and chewing sounds as the hay gets devoured. Babies are content and back to sleep after bottles are drank dry.
Sitting on a little stool beside a warm jersey cow with the sounds of the milk clinking into the bucket there is anouther sound I have been trying to figure out what it is and who it is coming from for a while.  Beside me is a large stall of pygmy goats eating their breakfast except for one soft groaning noise. This noise is familar as we had a nubian dairy goat that often made this noise at night resting after dinner.
Well, the problem is if I get up from the milking stool and try and see who it is that is making this noise they will of course stop, so I enlist the help of one of the farmers to sneak over to the stall and try to find this groaning goat.  Farmer Dominique is very quiet, stealthy and observant and finds our goat who is making these funny noises. Sweet little Molly the pygmy goat is happily groaning away as she’s finished her breakfast and lying peacefully on a homemade block in the middle of the stall. Thanks Farmer Dominique!
It’s the subtle noises that get you going, make you curious and catch your attention when there are so many little noises at a farm!

Join the fun here at the farm and see how many little noises you can hear!

Farmer Nadine