Hi y’all! So you can put some faces to the names, here are some of the Maplewood Farm staff that will be contributing to this blog space. Feel free to post any question, comments, feedback. We welcome and appreciate it all.

                                                           Derek Palmer

Farmer DerekI fell off the turnip truck in 1983, very wet behind the ears. I planned on heading for a trade and that trade was going to be heavy duty mechanics. The thing was I needed a job of some sort in the meantime, given the circumstances then. I took a part time job at a little place called Maplewood Farm. A job soon became a passion, thanks to a great mentor in April. I quickly learnt that you never know enough and will never know it all. Working outdoors with animals and people, especially the little people, makes my day. Never a dull moment. It just puts a smile on my face! Some of the people I am most fond of in life have come to me through the Farm. My most favorite time of year on the farm is Spring/ Summer….. yes, the birth of new life. It never gets old.
I still engage in my original interest of all things mechanical through hobby.

Farmer NadineNadine Gibbon

Hi, my name is Nadine. I joined the farm in 2001. After working with little kids and their moms in a local recreation centre doing all sorts of fun stuff, I decided to change things up a bit and add animals to the mix!

It sure has been lots of fun looking after all the critters we have at the farm especially in the springtime when we welcome all the new babies. When I’m not at the farm you can find me playing outside. Some of my favorite places are either at one of the local ski hills, out on salt chuck in our boat or just out walking the dog!

Come on down to the farm and join the fun!

Pam Blewman

Hi Folks, I’m Farmer Pam and have been at Maplewood Farm since July 7th, 2003.  Growing up in the country and coming from a small town gave me a strong foundation and a vision as to what I would do later in life.  I was always around or involved with animals in one way or another growing up and always remembering the joy they brought to me and thought that one day  I would like to become a vet.  Well I didn’t become a vet but I did get my dream job working at Maplewood Farm.  I’ve traded in my high heel shoes and skirts for work boots and overalls and haven’t looked back.  It’s hard work but very satisfying being a farmer…especially when all the babies start to arrive.  The next time you come by for a visit, stop in and say hello.

Courtenay Fraitzl

I joined the Farm in 1996, coming from the field of small animal veterinary medicine.  I was looking for a place where the animals are always happy and Maplewood Farm was just the place!  I remember coming for my interview and marvelling at how short the fences seemed and how small the animals were, far different from my childhood memories of visits to the Farm.

The Farm combines my favourite things in life, children, animals and being outside!  The Farm is such a special place and I consider this one of my most favourite places on earth.  This wonderful job comes second only to my role as mom.

Farmer MariaMaria Cheechoo

Hi, I’m Farmer Maria, aka “Hat Woman” (cat woman was taken) and I love being a Farmer.  Spending a number of years cattle ranching in Northern Alberta I am thankful to be in the warmer climes of North Vancouver here at Maplewood Farm.  As a retired teacher I  also enjoy the educational aspect of sharing my love and knowledge of the farm animals through our children programs and in general with our visitors.  As an Animal Healing Therapist I believe in cherishing our 4-leggeds and winged ones  as kindred spirits sharing a journey,  “they can make it a whole lot easier”. 

Asha Sehra 
Hi There! My name is Asha and Maplewood Farm is my second home. I grew up not too far away so the barnyard animals and I have grown up together. My favourite part of the day is when the peacock displays his beautiful feathers. I know the hens aren’t impressed but I sure am! I’ve spent the last couple of years pursuing my Bachelor of Tourism Management degree, and the farm gives me the pleasure of working with both locals and tourists so I’m very pleased. Come on into the farm, I’m the first face you’ll see and I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have along the way.

Baa’aa’aa bye for now!


Hello everyone, I’m Dominique. I first joined Maplewood Farm in October 2010 as an eager volunteer during my Grade 12 year in High School. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time, and became part of this nifty farming team shortly after I graduated.
Animals have been the main part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was always a frequent visitor to the farm as a young duckling and when I was old enough I started volunteering at the West Vancouver SPCA. I truly discovered my love for working with farm animals, big and small, and also people of all ages during my old summer job at the PNE, where I would give demonstrations in the livestock barns. It was a dream of mine to become a farmer ever since I was twelve, so once I put my mind to it, that’s just what I became! I am now in bliss playing with all my old four-legged animal friends and I look forward to meeting lots of new two-legged friends along the way.

Hi, I am Natalie, and I’m a relatively new addition to Maplewood’s team of farmers.  I was a devoted volunteer before I got a job, and couldn’t imagine a more fun place to work.  When I’m not taking care of animals and doing the milking demonstration at the farm, I’m at university studying to be an engineer, snowboarding, traveling or playing the piano.  I was home schooled my whole life, so my first day of school was when I started university.  We moved around a lot when I was young and I have lived in Ontario, Tennessee, Texas and of course, Beautiful British Columbia.  
My favorite animal on the farm is Sofie the Hereford cow.  She is a total darling, and I can sometimes be caught taking a break from work to give her a good head scratch.  As you can see in my photo, Krokur the Icelandic horse is also a buddy of mine.  We became well acquainted when I was in training and we did pony rides together over the summer (although his true love is Farmer Dominique). Hope to see y’all on the farm!