Embden X Goose Gander

I was hatched in 1980, it was a very warm Spring.  For those of you mathematically challenged, that makes me 30 years old in 2010 and that also makes me very old by any goose standard.  I can tell you, I don’t look a day over 10 years!  I can be identified from the other… Read more »

Henny Penny

Silver Duckwing Hen

I was hatched in the spring of 2005.  I am a Silver Duckwing chicken hen and I am also considered a “bantam” which means small or a miniaturized version of a “standard” chicken.  Jacques Pierre and I all enjoy toodling about the Farm just a free rangin’, meetin’ and greetin’ visitors.

Jacques Pierre

Silver Duckwing

I was hatched in 2005, have you heard of a rooster that rules the roost?  That would be me.  I am small and mighty!  Let’s hear it for things in small packages, Yeah!  My two hens and I are very tiny, smaller that the average crow and we live quite happily with the standard sized… Read more »